Posted On: 25 Nov 2022

One love armband - let's talk about it

Today we have been learning about the 'one love armband' that footballers have been wanting to wear during the world cup. Same sex relationships are currently illegal in Qatar, where the world cup is being held. 
We have found out about children's rights from the UN charter 14, 19 and 37 :
Right 14 - the right to have my own beliefs, for example being LGBTQ+
Right 19 - the right to be protected from harm, for example if you are LGBTQ+
Right 37 - the right not to be punished in a hurtful way, for example if you identify as LGBTQ+
We found out that places around the world have different values to our British ones, and the UN Childrens rights apply to children and young people around the whole world not just the UK.
If you would like to follow up this work with your child, then this news round article is really useful.
England and Wales, along with several other European nations have decided to not wear armbands at this year's World Cup tournament which were meant to help promote diversity and inclusion.
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