Teaching, Learning and Assessment

"It's about what students discover."

Research undertaken in recent years has greatly widened our understanding of how the brain works and how we learn. At Hollis Academy we aim to incorporate that understanding and knowledge into our approach to teaching and learning; by creating an effective climate for education and catering for the multiple intelligence profiles our learners display. In doing this, we believe our students will learn more effectively providing the opportunity for stimulating educational and social growth and creating the way for lifelong learning. This is achieved by allowing students to study an amalgamation of the customary GCSE’s, accompanied by more practical-based qualifications too.

At Hollis Academy, we are committed to providing a full efficient and effective educational experience to all pupils, regardless of their needs, and will take measures to encourage a consistent approach in all lessons.We believe all our pupils are entitled to optimum educational outcomes and to do this they require continuity and progression in their learning. Staff achieve this by implementing the four key principles of Teaching and Learning and embedding them into the daily practice at Hollis Academy.

As discussed and highlighted in the Teaching and Learning Policy; to ensure that progress occurs, every lesson contains four key principles. These are:

  1. Engagement
  2. Challenge
  3. Independent Learning
  4. Assessment for Learning

Questions regarding T&L on the curriculum:

If you have any questions, please contact Mandy Southwick, Vice Principal, on 01642 855010 or send me an e-mail mandy.southwick@horizonstrust.org.uk

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