Outdoor Education

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Outdoor education
Outdoor education allows us to work with young people in the community focussing specifically on developing social development. Social development goals are specifically identified for each session which directly map to children's EHCP targets. These include the key themes(but are often more bespoke):
  • safe use of transport (car, mini bus, public transport, walking)
  • resilience to try new things
  • first aid and safety
  • respecting nature and wildlife
  • community spirit
Children in year7, 8 and 9 have a 4 hour outdoor education lesson each week. Children do not wear school uniform on their outdoor education day and should wear comfortable clothing that can be washed easily.
Children in key stage 4 have outdoor education incorporated into their key stage 4 curriculum (for examples tris and visits will be delivered through subject areas).
We track children's progress in each of these zones of development and often put in place more bespoke support if a child struggles with certain skills. This could include individualised travel training or using money instruction and experiences.
Our curriculum framework is based around the HOLLIS 100 - the one hundred experiences/skills we would like every child to work towards achieving whilst at Hollis Academy. By achieving the HOLLIS 100 children will be well prepared for adult life and post 16 education. 

Outdoor Adventurous Activity

Outdoor Adventurous Activity gives all students the opportunity to engage in a range of outdoor activities to develop key lifestyle skills.  Students will undertake a range of different activities such as hiking, camping, climbing and kayaking across all year groups. We have highly qualified mountaineering, climbing and kayaking/water sports staff to ensure these experiences are safe and enjoyable. We have our own wet suits and hiking boots for children to use. Specific consent forms are required for children to attend these activities.

We aim to develop Students ability to;

  • Manage challenging situations such as challenging terrain or new unexpected situations.
  • Build confidence in themselves.
  • Build resilience to challenges and push through difficult situations.
  • Work cooperatively as part of a team as well as an individual.
Duke of Edinburgh awards
All children are offered the opportunity to work towards their Duke of Edinburgh awards and children regularly achieve Bronze and Silver awards. This is an opt in activity. Children are supported in completing an expedition, physical activities, volunteering and skills development. Development goals include:
  • Lead other peers in activities such as leading independent walks and teaching other students new skills.
  • Learn how to read maps and use navigation skills in remote locations.
  • Explore and engage with the environment and gain some national governing body qualifications.
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