Assessment and Qualifications

At Hollis Academy we offer a broad learning base with an end result of producing students with knowledge and life-skills that will allow them to progress when they leave us.

It is our aim to provide a bespoke education for each and every learner who attends Hollis Academy. This personalised education package will meet an individual’s needs providing the opportunity for stimulating educational and social growth and pave the way for lifelong learning. This is achieved by allowing students to study mixture of "traditional" GCSEs with more practical-based qualifications.

We aim to ensure that our learners have the best possible chance when they leave school by ensuring that everyone progresses with accreditation that is meaningful to the individual. 

Reading is promoted through a targeted system that highlights areas of strength and uses these to help with those which have opportunities to improve.

The development of social and community skills is recognised as being important and these skills are taught through the PHSE curriculum and through cross-curricular links in other subjects. These are further enhanced by the use of group, team and social time activities in our Enrichment Programme.

All of the pupils have the opportunity to gain accreditations at the end of KS4 and these are graded to reflect the individual ability. We offer Entry Levels, Level 1 and 2, Functional Skills and full GCSE’s across a range of subjects. These qualifications can then be taken forward to gain entry to further education college, apprenticeships and securing that first paid employment. The awarding bodies for the Academy include Open AwardsEdexcel and AQA.

Exam and Assessment Results

Examination and assessment results are dependent on the pathway the student follows.  Consequently, the exam and progress reports below, report on students attainment and progress within each of our four pathways.  

2022-2023 Curriculum Impact Report

2021-2022 Curriculum Impact Report

2020-2021 Curriculum Impact Report

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