Posted On: 04 Jan 2023

CAMHS parental workshops

CAMHS parental workshops
CAMHS are offering some excellent workshops for parents/carers this half term. The workshops are free so why not sign up? Please let us know if you need support in signing up to a session and we can support you.

Understanding Anxiety - We will explore what may contribute to children and young people’s anxiety and look at how we can build their resilience. We will also consider what help and support young people experiencing anxiety may need. 

Dates: Wednesday 18th January, 10am-11:30am 


Emotional Wellbeing - We will introduce you to the risk and resilience framework exploring how this can be used to improve outcomes for children, young people and their families and discuss what can be done to promote healthy emotional wellbeing in children and young people. 

Dates:Monday 6th February, 10am-11:30am  


Understanding ADHD - This workshop will provide an awareness of ADHD and the core symptoms that children and young people may experience. We will explore the impact ADHD can have on children, young people and their families and give an overview of the assessment process. 

Dates: Monday 30th January, 10am-11:30am 


Sleep Workshop - This workshop will provide an understanding of sleep cycles and importance of good sleep hygiene and routine. We will look at why sleep problems may occur for young people, possible causes and look at strategies to help your child develop good sleep habits. 

  • Monday 27th March, 10am-11:30am 

Understanding Self-harm - This workshop will provide an introduction to self-harm, helping parents and carers to understand the definition and prevalence of self-harm and the reasons young people may engage in this behaviour. Consideration will be given to factors that increase a young person’s risk of self-harming and factors that can help to increase resilience. The session will outline how to talk to and support young people engaged in self-harming behaviours and help identify which services are available for support and further information. 

  • Monday 13th March, 10am-11:30am 

Understanding ASD - This session will provide an overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders including prevalence and recognition of difficulties. Strategies to support children, young people and their families with be discussed. 

  • Wednesday 8th March, 10am-11:30am 

To access one or more of the training sessions, please contact the CAMHS training team by emailing with the below information. 

  • Which workshop(s) you would like to access 
  • Your name 
  • Email address 
  • Which locality you live 
  • The school(s) your child(ren) attend 
  • Age(s) of your child(ren) 

A calendar request will then be sent to you, which will include a link to access the session. 

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