Posted On: 22 May 2023

Keeping your child safe online - do you know about OMEGLE?

Keeping your child safe online - do you know about OMEGLE?

Please be aware of the OMEGLE App.Please be aware of the OMEGLE App. This application presents risks to children accessing inappropriate content; links to pornography, explicit imagery and direct exploitation.

Omegle is a chat with stranger’s apps that allows live video streaming from smartphones, Laptops and tablets.

The type of content available on the app could expose children to include: inappropriate discussions, inappropriate video, direct links to porn sites, indecent exposure among other inappropriate content. 

Omegle has been around since 2009, the access agreement states 13+ (with parental permission) but users can quickly access 18+ unmoderated content by agreeing to further terms agreement via a flash up box, its states that sexual material is likely to be viewed.

Download \ View the advice poster <HERE> and get in touch with us if you need any support around this issue.

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