Posted On: 20 Mar 2024

World Oral health day

Today we have been focussing on excellent oral hygiene and dental health. Lots of young people struggle to clean their teeth and their relationship with oral hygiene. Some children refuse to clean their teeth because they hate the feel, others scrub their teeth too hard and too often which also causes problems.
All children have the right to the best dental health. Childrens right 24 is 'All young people have the right to the best health care possible' ; this includes teeth.
All children completed activities throughout the day to help them think about their oral hygiene. Younger children will bring a tooth brush and toothpaste home.
Parents can contact school to explore sensory challenges around tooth cleaning and access support. Children with sensory processing disorder may have higher than usual oral sensitivity. You might try a switch to a softer or silicon toothbrush, try a different flavour of toothpaste and see if warm water feels better.
We work with Daisy Chain (Local Autism and Neurodiversity charity) to ensure we share the best advise we can.  Please see the advice leaflet. (link)
Our advise would always be to talk to your dentist as they are the expert!
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