School Dinners

"A healthy outside starts from the inside." 

School meals can be the key to ensuring that students remain focused on their education. We ensure a wide range of foods are available during the day that meet the needs of everyone – from the young person who will try anything, to the pickiest eater. We understand that part of a child’s needs may be presented through a narrow selection of food choices. 

We offer a free breakfast of cereal, juice and toast each day. 

Every break time we provide free toast and juice. 

Lunch is catered for by the kitchen staff and we have several different options each day. Sandwiches are always on offer, as are plain potatoes/mash and beans. A hearty home cooked option such as meat pie, vegetables and gravy is available for those with a less restrictive diet. 

How much is a school meal? 

The current price of a school meal is £2.50 per day. 

Payment is made weekly on a Monday. Cash or cheques should be brought to the schools sealed in an envelope and marked with the child’s name, class and the amount contained. 

For more information, contact Claire Stokes on 01642 855010 

How can I find out if I'm eligible for free school meals? 

Please click on this link free school meals to Middlesbrough Council to download an application form and for more information. Regardless of where you live, please use this Middlesbrough contact; free school meals are applied for in the area the school is (so even if you live in Darlington, you will still use the Middlesbrough application).

Drinking Water 

Children have access to fresh water in school to drink throughout the day. Research has shown that this helps to keep the children more alert and focused. Bottles can be bought into school but should be clearly marked with the child’s name and should be taken home each evening to be washed. 

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