“We should celebrate neurodiversity – the world would be poorer and life duller if we were all the same”

We seek to encourage our students and their families to value their differences; neurodiversity can truly become a super power.

Famous figures we learn about include:

ADHD – Michael Phelps (swimmer), Emma Watson (actress), Simone Biles (gymnast)

Tourettes – Billie Eilish (pop star)

Autism – Anthony Hopkins (actor), Lionel Messi (footballer)

Dyslexia – Jennifer Aniston (actress), Albert Einstein (scientist), Lewis Hamilton (Formula 1)

We encourage parents and carers to openly discuss the benefits of neurodivergence as well as practical ways to support the difficulties it can sometimes bring.

We regularly run family outreach sessions to support parents and carers in discussing neurodiversity with their child. Sessions are run by experts from organisations such as CAMHS and Alliance.

An EHCP is a legal document that sets out the education, healthcare and social needs of a young person; every child at Hollis Academy has an EHCP. The EHCP will be reviewed once every year by the Local Authority. The Annual Review Meeting involves all the agencies involved with a child or young person, including the young person. This meeting will review the progress towards the outcomes in the EHCP, discuss any changes in need or new needs that may be present, and give everybody involved with the child a chance to share their views, feeling and wishes about their education, their health and overall care.

An EHCP should support a child or young person from birth up to 25, helping them access school, further education, training, and further support in the workplace

You will be invited to attend the annual review in person with your child and other experts involved in their educational provision. Our lead for the EHCP review process is Janet Anderson.

An EHCP will include 12 sections of crucial information, which include:

(A) The views, the interests and aspirations of the child or young person

(B) The child's or young person's Special Educational Needs

(C) The health needs related to the child's or young person's SEN or disability

(D) The social care needs related to the child's or young person's SEN or disability

(E) The planned outcomes for the child or young person

(F) The provision for the needs mentioned in Section B

(G) Any health provision

(H1) Any social care provision that must be made for a child or young person

(H2) Any social care provision related to a child's SEN or a disability

(I) The name/type of school or setting

(J) Details of any personal budget

(K) Any advice and information from the EHC assessment

Note, if a young person is in or beyond Year 9, the EHCP must also set out the provision for the young person in preparing for adulthood and independent living.

Please feel welcome to get in touch with Janet if you have any questions regarding the process. We appreciate it can be complicated to navigate this process so please do speak with us.

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