Student Voice

What we do, how we listen, what has been done and how to make your voice heard.

Your voice is important.

We consider the relationship between students and staff as a partnership. In line with Article 12 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, ever child has the right to hold a view and the right to express it. We have a number of platforms available for students to do this.

Student Council

Meeting a number of times each term, the Student Council is made up of Form Representatives that discuss issues of policy and procedure that directly effect the student cohort. From the use of the game Room to being key leaders in educational matters, the Student Council is the most direct way that students can influence the outcomes of the whole school.

Pupil Voice Surveys

At regular intervals the students are allowed to air their views on the pastoral side of their time at Hollis. From these surveys, the Academy is able to gauge how safe students feel, what they enjoy doing and what the expectations of the students are. The information is then fed back to the Senior Leadership Team to influence decision making and form future policy and direction.

Open Door

Our school operates and "open door" approach to academic life. Students are welcome to discuss options and opportunities at any time with any member of staff. Each view is taken on board and given time to be discussed so that the benefits can be fully explored. This works both ways with the staff being able to trust the students sufficiently to take on board suggestions that can alter and enhance their learning opportunities.

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