Zones of Regulation

We use zones of regulation in school to help you understand how you are feeling and what you can do/we can do to support you.
You might have used zones of regulation before. Lots of places use them and most models are a bit different.
Ours are based on numbers and lego heads.
View \ Download our poster: zones of regulation poster <HERE>
You will have your own zones of regulation plan which your teachers use to help them know you better. The plan makes sure you know what to do at the point of different feelings.
View \ Download a blank plan <HERE>
Common question - why do we have happy on the plan?
Being super happy and excited can trigger some problematic behaviours like jumping around and screaming, so some young people need a plan around this. Don't worry-  if that is not you then you will not do that column in the plan.
Sometimes it is hard to work out what you are feeling.
Angry feelings can sometimes hide other feelings such as stress, anxiety or fear. We will work hard with you on naming these emotions.
Watch this clip on naming emotions. (We use the InsideOut film in school when we learn about feelings. It is a fab movie!)
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