We expect all pupils to be dressed neatly and properly, enabling them to feel part of a team with a common purpose. All children are expected to wear our academy uniform and we recommend all items of clothing be named. 

Our uniform is non-gender specific and creates a sense of belonging for our students. The uniform has been carefully selected to ensure it meets the sensory needs of our students. Children do not get changed for PE and so the uniform allows them to comfortably and safely take part in PE sessions. 

The uniform is: 

  • White shirt or polo-shirt (with school logo) 
  • Black trousers or plain black tracksuit bottoms (with no branded logo) 
  • Black sweatshirt (with school logo) 


Shoes should be comfortable, practical and suitable for daily use. Black flat shoes or black trainers ensure children can join in with all of the activities of the day. We strongly advise against wearing expensive trainers. Parents and carers should ensure that their child can do their own laces if they have laced shoes or trainers. 

Coats and bags: 

Coats are stored in a cloakroom at the start of the day which is locked during lesson times to ensure coats are safe. We advise children wear a coat to school so they can go outdoors at break and lunchtime. We advise children do not wear an expensive coat to school. 

School bags are not required. If your child brings in a school bag it will be stored in the cloakroom throughout the day. 

Outdoor education: 

Children wear non uniform to school when they have outdoor education. Outdoor education consists of hiking, canoeing, climbing and forest activities and so a tracksuit and trainers or boots, and a rain coat are essential.  

We ask that students do not wear leggings or crop tops for outdoor education. 

Please contact reception for information on ordering Hollis polo shirts and jumpers. 

Please use this social story with your child to discuss uniform and how to be organised for a school day.

School uniform Hollis Academy

When I get dressed for school I need to put on my uniform. I put my uniform out ready before I go to bed so it is ready for me in the morning.


When I get dressed for school I need to put on my uniform. I put my uniform out ready before I go to bed so it is ready for me in the morning.


I wear black trousers to school. They can be tracksuit trousers or normal trousers.


I wear a white polo shirt to school. Mine has the school logo but it doesn’t have to.


I wear black socks and black trainers to school. I wear them so I can feel comfortable all day.


I don’t wear my ring to school because jewellery is not allowed.

When I have my uniform on I know I am ready for school.


I have put my uniform on and I am ready to go to school.

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