Behaviour and Expectations

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today"

Hollis Academy is a special academy where managing supporting positive behaviour choices amongst our students is very important for the safety of other pupils, the safety of staff and for the progress and achievement of all pupils. 

At Hollis Academy, we consider ourselves to be a caring community whose values are built on mutual trust and respect for all. The school Behaviour Guidelines are therefore designed to support the way in which all those attending and working within the school can live and work together in a meaningful, considered way. 

Students work towards achieving 5 SHAPE points each lesson (Safe, Healthy, attendance, progress and employability). SHAPE provides focus for developing desirable personal attributes such as having a go (progress), and staying in a lesson (attendance). Student’s points are totalled each week and they achieve bronze, silver, gold or platinum status. This is linked to rewards and free time access over the next week, and to gaining Hollis dollars to spend at the tuck shop.  

You can view and download the guidelines <HERE>

Supporting children with emotional regulation
We actively support young people in developing and implementing strategies to reduce incidents of dysregulation. We use a 5-point zones of regulation scale which supports children in identifying triggers, what different emotions feel like, and how we can work together to support return to regulation.
Visit our student Zones of Regulation page <HERE>.
Please discuss this with your child and how we use the scale in the Academy.
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